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Posting is the act of listing/ advertising properties for sale or for rent without the representation of a realtor.  We call that Self Represented.

In this case, for a small fee, a landlord, property manager or seller can fill out the needed forms to get posted onto the # 1 site in Canada, called Realtor.ca  In turn the property will be exposed globally to the public.  Being available and exposed on the source of all listings, is priceless.  ( beta version )

Think DIY. Do it yourself.. with our help.  To begin the process to post onto Realtor.ca the poster ( landlord, property manager or seller ) simply clicks on the link to Create a listing, Fills in the authorized contract, pays for the posting.. fills in the data form and in afew days, the listing will be available on Realtor.ca   

Lokations Realty Inc. brokerage, licensed since1989, will handle the posting of the property onto MLS by using the information provided by the poster.  The property will appear within 10 business day onto Realtor.ca and will be syndicated to every real estate agent in Canada that has a website.  And yes, we post throughout Canada.  ( The property is posted / listed on the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board which then gets syndicated to Realtor.ca.  Providing access to everyone. It just doesn’t get better than that.) Both the public and realtors can access the property. 

Once the property appears on Realtor.ca it becomes live and available for showings.  All appointments are direct to the contacts  that are on the data form.  Realtors may also call for a booking.  At that time, you can advise them of your willingness to pay or not to pay for introducing your new tenant.

The brokerage offers flat fees for posting which is shown during the registration process.  No other fees are to be paid to the posting broker.   There is No obligation to pay the tenants agent.  However, please discuss it when the realtor calls for an appointment as they make ask. 

Posting on Realtor.ca  allows the property to be advertised on the source of all listings for the MLS.  There are so many real estate sites to search.. but it starts with the source.  Realtors.ca.  ( Every real estate board across Canada ) uploads properties to that site allowing access to every Canadian property that is listed by a Canadian Realtor.   Now we have taken it one step further..  we are helping those that want to deal direct and at the same time be allowed to post it to the site where only Realtors were allowed to advertise.

By posting for sale by owner or by the landlord simply creates a better advertising platform for those that want to deal direct.    With that, tenants can get email alerts from their own agent which  helps a landlord or property manager lease out their units faster.   Afterall a realtor is the first person they turn to for their real estate needs.   It really is priceless. 

On closing, we look forward in helping.  

About the brokerage

Since 1989 Lokations Realty Inc. has been a member of the Toronto real estate board. 
The brokerage serves both the residential and commercial markets specializing in land acquisitions / leasing for both the senior living and condo markets.  ( Close to 1/4 billion in sales in the last 18 months. ) 
The brokerage is proud to open up a new division of “ posting services “ only for those markets.  We feel that developers, property managers and landlord should also have access to the MLS system., for less.  A kind of DIY model.. with our help.
“ You post it… AI sends the leads to the property manager which confirms the showing directly.
Bruno Costabile is the broker of record ( since 1989 ) with a proven track record and thinks outside of the box.

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