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Lokations differentiates itself from other real estate companies by providing a digital platform that allows buyers and sellers to browse and connect with agents on their own terms. Lokations empowers buyers and sellers with transparency, choice, and control throughout the real estate transaction process.

Lokations helps you save money on real estate fees and commissions by working with agents who offer discounted commissions. Negotiating fees with real estate agents can help lower overall costs when buying or selling a home.

Lokations realtors offer commission discounts to provide more value and savings to clients. By reducing their commission fees, they aim to make the real estate process more affordable and accessible while maintaining quality service and expertise.

Depending on the realtor and property, you may be able to negotiate lower realtor commissions. Lokations already offers the best commission rates for people looking to buy or sell a home. Connect with one of our realtors today to learn more.

When choosing a realtor, consider their experience, track record, knowledge of the local market, communication skills, commission rates, and availability. It’s a best practice to look for someone who is trustworthy, proactive, and responsive to your needs. Recommendations and reviews can also provide valuable insights. Lokations works with some of the best realtors across the globe.

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Gain MLS Exposure

Expose your properties right. Get on over 120,000 realtors websites.   Make your properties easier to find.  

Save Money

Say Goodbye to big commissions! Pay only one low monthly fee to get listed onto MLS.CA  

You decide on the amount to pay the tenants agent.

Deal Direct

Think automation.  All property inquires & showings of the residences are sent directly to your front desk. Your office confirms the appointment and does the showing.  

It doesn’t get better than that.  

Save your money.
& Get MLS Exposure Without The High Fees ? 
We Can Help!  We Just Post It For You.
Now For A Low Flat Posting Fee

Get Full Access To The MLS.


No Additional Fees

When You sell or lease It. 


There Is No Obligation

To Pay A Tenants Agent

Unless You Agree To.


In Minutes You Will Receive More Quality

Inquiries Than Any Other Real Estate Website.


Fact: Realtor.Ca Is The # 1 Real Estate Site In Canada.

Get The Exposure That Your Property Deserves.
Get Unlimited Leads


U Post It. U Show It. U Move It.


100 % Guarantee

If You Do Not Sell or Lease it Within The Paid Posting..

We Will Extend Your Posting For Free.

How it works

How It Works

Goodbye commissions!  Posting is a new approach.  To get access to MLS or, you need a realtor.  For a small monthly posting fee, when you post your property here, we submit it to the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board, which is automatically uploaded to MLS.CA .  This exposes you to ready to move-in residents in minutes.  It also get syndicated many other corporate sites like , ,  and many more. In addition it gets syndicated to every realtors own private website.  The exposure will be priceless. 

Typically if you hire a realtor you have a listing agent and a co-operating agent. Two fees.  With posting, you have a posting agent only, that is Lokations Realty Inc..  Within the MLS posting the contacts of the owners are shown so clients can call you direct for a showing.  However, at times, an agent with a client may request a showing.. and you discuss your finders fee if any directly.  There is no additional fee charged by the posting agent. 

Agents are always the first contact for selling, buying or leasing. 

When you POST only, you decide on the fee to pay an agents / co-operating broker.   It is a do-it-yourself approach, with our help.   

The posting agent does not get involved in any showings. Note: This site is simply the administration section to post.  To search properties visit

We Post Senior Living Residences,
Multi Family Residential,
Condos, Homes
And All Types

Commercial Spaces Onto


The brokerage is now proud to open a new ” Posting  ” only division for the Rental Market for senior residences, the commercial and residential market as a whole. 

We believe owner operators, developers, property managers and landlords should also have access to the MLS system, for less. It’s a true do-it-yourself approach, with our help. Once you post your listing,  all showing requests are sent to the landlords email. You confirm the same.

It’s that easy.


Lokations Realty Inc. has been a member of the Toronto Real Estate Board since 1989.  The brokerage serves both the residential and commercial markets specializing in land acquisitions and leasing for both senior and condo markets. Lokations is a boutique firm with over a half of a billion in sales and leasing in the last 2 years.

Bruno Costabile is the broker of record. 

Lokations Realty Inc. 


Post Your Vacancies Today

2 MONTH posting

ONLY $137.50 per MONTH


  • one time posting charge per above.
  • Runs for 2 months
  • No Additional Fees/Commission
  • Upload 20 Photos to REALTOR.CA®
  • 24/7 Automated Lead Processing
  • No refund after appearing on

3 MONTH Posting

ONLY $125 per MONTH


  • charges above amount for 3 months
  • No Additional Fees/Commission
  • Upload 20 Photos to REALTOR.CA®
  • 24/7 Automated Lead Processing
  • No refund after appearing on
  • Great for creating a waiting list.


ONLY $112.50 /MONTH


  •  Charges above amount  for 6 months
  • No Additional Fees/Commission
  • Upload 20 Photos to REALTOR.CA®
  • 24/7 Automated Lead Processing
  • No refund after appearing on
  • Great for creating a waiting list.




For 12 Months
  • Charges above amount for 12 months
  • No Additional Fees/Commission
  • Upload 20 Photos to REALTOR.CA®
  • 24/7 Automated Lead Processing
  • No refund after appearing on
  • Great for creating a waiting list.
  • Post & leave it.


ONLY $999.00


  • One fee Until Sold
  • No Additional Fees/Commission
  • Upload 20 Photos to REALTOR.CA®
  • 24/7 Automated Lead Processing
  • No refund after appearing on


Tip 1.If you have multiple rental buildings in different LoKations, we suggest listing one unit in each of the buildings for 6 – 12 months.  This will provide continual exposure to allow the property manager to create a waiting list of seniors.You can keep the posting active indefinitely by renewing.
For privacy reasons, identify the suite as a fictions number. You can add a letter for more privacy, for ex. 202A.

TIP 2.  If you have multiple vacant units in one lokation,  we also suggest listing the lowest priced unit and during the appointment you can always show them others.   The prices below represent one posting for the duration. ie  If you choose the 12 month posting, which we recommend, it equates to one posting / one unit.  Example:  The unit will  appear on for 12 months for a  recurring monthly fee of $ 79. plus HST.   It will also appear on ( The Toronto Regional Real Estate Board  for agent access ) just incase you wish to co-operate with the tenants or buyers agent.  Prior to the posting running out,  reminders will be sent to renew. 


Posting is the act of listing / advertising properties for sale or for rent without the representation of a realtor,
in other words, “self represented ”.
In this case, for a small fee, a landlord, property manager or seller can fill out the needed forms within the site to get
posted onto the # 1 real estate site in Canada, called In turn, the property will be exposed globally to the

Select your property type and the system will provide an input screen and a MLS contract that needs to be signed and in turn the information provide gets transferred to the Toronto Real Estate Board and syndicated throughout Canada.

Lokations Realty Inc. Brokerage, licensed since 1989, will handle the posting of the property onto MLS by using the information provided by the poster.  The property will be listed on the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board, and within 10 business days, will appear onto, and syndicated to every Canadian real estate website. Both the public and realtors will have access to the listing.

Once the property appears on it becomes live and available for showings.  All appointments are direct to the contact that was provided on the data form. If a realtor calls for a showing, you can advise them of your willingness to pay or not to pay commissions for introducing them to your tenant.

We believe that every consumer should have all information at their finger tips.  And every property should be exposed the same.   There are so many real estate sites to search, but it starts with the source:  Every real estate board uploads their properties onto, allowing access to every Canadian property that is listed by a Canadian realtor. We have taken it one step further, by helping those that want to deal direct and at the same time be listed on a global database

The prices above represent one posting for the duration of time listed. One posting is one suite. The suite will appear on for the duration listed, and you will get reminders to renew.  You can post as many as you wish.

Your listing will be uploaded onto within 3-5 business days.

*Note: The posting will not appear on if the payment is not made or is cancelled in which the posting will be removed & the
contract will be cancelled for non payment. After paying you will be redirected to input the data of each available unit. By paying for the
service you authorize the broker to post the property onto the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board which automatically uploads it to MLS.CA which will run for the paid duration. There is no option to search on this website. No refunds after the suite is posted to the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board. The fees do not include

Our goal is to improve

your bottom line.


We believe in finding the right match faster. With the help of posting onto the # 1 site in Canada,, we can do that. It’s the number one site visited for all real estate needs.  The goto site.


The prior rental marketing approach is broken. Landlords, property managers and owner operators now have the best approach.   One needs to be exposed and to find the right contacts.  Realtors are just that.  Everyone knows a realtor.  Everyone asks for a realtors help from the start. The go to person if you will.   That’s where we come in.


By posting your vacancies here ensures that all marketing strategies are covered. 


Our mission is to improve your bottom line.  To make it easier, faster, and more effective.


We are here to help and are also a phone all away and always available by email.

And yes.. we also handle sales.


Bruno Costabile

Broker of record / Founder

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